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Huizhou District, the Mid Autumn Festival small long vacation tourism firm in have litre

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    This year's Mid Autumn Festival is a national holiday system reform after the firstMid Autumn Festival small long vacation. According to incomplete statistics,during the three day holiday, the region received 18000 foreign tourists trips,tourism revenues 7790000 yuan. Of which: Tourism Scenic Area (spot) received 7396 passengers, ticket sales 155000 yuan, compared with the same period last year rose more than 30%.

    It is reported, this year "Mid Autumn Festival" tourism is as follows: a family tour,self driving travel, short distance tourists accounted for the mainstream. From theprovincial city and Nanjing, Shanghai, the Yangtze River Delta region 70% of the total tourists, traveling to visit relatives, self driving, in short distance travel as the main body, in Gaestgiveriet Hotel occupancy rate than the same period last year,a net increase of more than 10%. Two is the festival of colorful activities. The tourism have launched a rich and colorful activities. Tangmo staged the Hui opera "," opera "Liu Cuiniang mussel fisherman" and tea ceremony, submersible houses launched Huizhou carving three manual deduction, attracted many visitors stop to watch, fengle Lake launched swim Lake pick orange activity also is very lively. Three is the festival atmosphere. To celebrate the Mid Autumn Festival, the region to carry out tourism "four remediation" activities, toenvironmental remediation, surrounding the village environment, traffic andtourism environment, traffic order rectification as the focus, and actively create abeautiful environment. Scenic hotel, decorate, carry out service with a smile.

    "During the Mid Autumn Festival small long vacation", because of the various work arrangements are effective, coordinated degree, put in place. The scenic spots, the hotel reception is in order, no one tourist complaints and major accidents, the realization of the "safety, order, quality, efficiency of the" four unity.

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