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National AAAAA level scenic spots,Chinese Shuikou garden the first village
Hotel Introduction

"The French family hotel" is the leading brand in the rural tourism
in France. Yuping house French family hotel is anhui tourism group cooperation
with France's assorted franche-comte development international rural tourism
demonstration projects, French family hotel association authorized, this is the
first time the brand used in outside Europe.

Yuping house French family hotel to carry forward the hui culture
as the carrier, highlight the style has been gloriously enrolled ancient
buildings, yard deep, quiet elegance, superposition of modern elements, Chinese
and western cultural elements to fully mix and bring out the best in each other,
taste is elegant style. And the introduction of France advanced concept of
development and protection of ancient dwellings, and family hotel management
model, maximum limit satisfy tourists at home and abroad on vacation, leisure,
catering, experience and other needs.

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