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Mount Huangshan rural tourism heat up

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    Some people use the term "beginning in April, a year without summer,unexpectedly" to describe Anhui Mount Huangshan. Huangshan City, formerly known as the ancient Huizhou, is the birthplace of Huizhou merchants, Huizhou culture. Huizhou culture system is complete, including cuisine, Hui, Xin'an school,Xin'an, Anhui, Anhui medical stone engraving, carving, bonsai, Huizhou HuizhouHuizhou architecture and unique historical and cultural system, culvert, theGaizhe, history, medicine, art, science and many other fields. Huizhou existingground cultural relics in more than 5000, the humanities landscape throughout the urban and rural areas.

    Huangshan City in order to increase the income of farmers, the rural tourismdevelopment and the combination of Huizhou culture, relying on the rich culture of Huizhou, the beautiful natural scenery and a first-class ecological environment,tourism professional village, "Star" Nongjiale as the starting point, vigorously develop the rural tourism. Initiated the establishment of trans provincial area(including Jixi, Wuyuan) of the ancient village tourism in Huizhou alliance, heldChinese Rural Tourism Festival, to create "the first brand China" rural tourism,the emergence of such as Xidi, Hongcun, Jade Valley to culture and the natural ecological features of the typical rural tourism. The first half of 2008 the ruraltourism nearly 5000000 passengers, total tourism income of more than 1800000000 yuan, the city more than 150000 farmers engaged in tourism in thethird industry, annual per capita income of over 7000 yuan. A reporter to interview in Mount Huangshan, cultural heritage tourism in Mount Huangshan has formed five models: the cultural experience. Relying on the development ofancient village, the village in the south of Anhui Province -- Xidi, Hongcun and Tang Mo as representatives, to meet the demand of the rural tourism product experience tourist culture. Xidi began the development of rural tourism from 1986,to the current 470000 annual tourists, ticket income amounted to 17800000 yuan. Xidi, Hongcun has been listed as "national famous historical and cultural village". Xidi town also won the "national civilized village", "top ten Chinese mostcharming town", "national environmental beautiful towns". Hong Village has won the "ten most beautiful villages Chinese ten charming towns" and "China". Theresponsible person said, had received so many honors, and the development of rural tourism, high visibility has the very big relations.

    Country Inn type. Around the important scenic areas, the development of various types of country hotel. At the foot of Mount Huangshan Tang Kou Zhen Shan Cha Cun, the national 4A scenic spot "the Jade Valley" as the basis, the construction of Huizhou farmer villa, allowing visitors to eat in the farm, in the farm, experience the feeling of a kind of new tourism. Shan Cha a village to be able tosimultaneously receive visitors more than 1000 people, now the average tourismincome reached 3 yuan.

    Farming participation. Relying on the advantage of natural ecological resourcesin mountainous areas, to develop "to eat rice farmers, dry farmers live" as the main content of the "Nongjiale" tourism products. Shexian organization on the mountain of flowers and fruit, Guanzhi Shan Jing pick wild fruit, can attract a lot of visitors each year. Area of 10 square kilometers, the forest coverage rate of 85%above, here to eat, live, entertainment in the farm, visitors to participate in fruit picking, tea, flowers and other agricultural activities, ornamental folk performances, do not have a cultural taste.

    Landscape resort type. Relying on the good ecological resources, let visitorsback to nature, relax, find leisure feeling. Huizhou Yangfeng Lake scenic area,the ancient culture and modern civilization together, provide fishing, blessing,picking, cruise ships and other services for tourists, let visitors feelQingshanxiushui natural flavor, taste the rich cultural heritage of Huizhou.

    New type of rural tourism. The combination of cultural tourism and rural tourism,to create a new type of rural tourism products in line with international standards.Xiuning County, the yellow village 10 location, ecological, cultural tourismcharacteristics of rural land model village, the "new rural construction" as the core, and select outstanding young cadres to served as first Secretary of the demonstration village, making the demonstration village of target management responsibility system, to carry out a comprehensive construction of rural land.

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