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Huizhou district environmental remediation work like a raging fire

2014-04-01 09:57:20Author:

    By September 20th, the author Chengkan scenic San Zhong Chuan River in Huizhou district to see the river in the excavator, stretch arm, engineering carshuttle, worker Perspiration came down like raindrops., the town invested 2000000 yuan to build the San Zhong Chuan River dam has begun to take shape. In the Tang Dynasty die area, the workers also renovation to the scenic spot at the entrance of the road, the health of all-weather cleaning, scenic newHuizhou garbage transfer station has been recently put into use.

    Recently, Huizhou district actively response to municipal Party committee put forward the construction of modern international tourism city call, the basicoptimization hard environment as the construction of a modern international tourist city work, to carry out a comprehensive scenic area, scenic spots andsurrounding villages, tourism route, road environment renovation, and strive to create a clean and beautiful, safe and orderly tourism, transportationenvironment.

    Focus on remediation activities, the scenic (points) to further strengthen thehardware construction, enhance the quality of scenic tour guide, service behavior, to maintain the tourism market order, to build a civilized and harmonious travel environment. Scenic areas (spots) surrounding villages haveaction, put a lot of manpower, material resources, control "model village in the new rural construction environmental remediation" four no four "standard" to carry out environmental remediation. The village committee organization driven,some villagers in farm work on their own in the vegetable garden, yard, sewerdrains debris of clear improvement.

    In the area of traffic and tourist routes, everywhere the workers busy figure. In the G205 line reconstruction project is like a raging fire progress at the same time, a few days ago, Huizhou District East Road 50 meters road paving test work in theexpansion, before the end of 9, 1500000 yuan investment in the east roadreconstruction project will be fully opened. In Luotian, a road side ditch cloggingserious phenomenon, the area on both sides of the road random dumping garbage, jumbled together, side ditch, drainage flow blockage effect ofconcentration and control, also invested 500000 yuan, the implementation of the side ditch of curb integration project, ensure the smooth road side ditch,beautiful.

    In order to create a safe and orderly traffic environment, the traffic police and traffic department dragnet type traffic safety investigation in major tourist routes and traffic trunk, rectification of illegal traffic behavior, set up and perfect all kinds of traffic safety warning signs, clearing illegal Zhandao, repair the road surfacedamage, the total elimination of road safety hidden danger.

    It is understood, do a good job in the hard environment remediation at the same time, the district also use a variety of forms, intensify the propaganda, to create a good atmosphere for all the people involved in the regulation of.

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