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The group organized corporate culture training

2014-04-01 09:56:43Author:

To further enhance the awareness and understanding of enterprise culture, and promote the building of enterprise culture, in August 15th, the group organized acorporate culture training course at the Anhui Hotel, invited the famous corporate culture experts, Chinese Enterprise Culture Research Association vice chairmanProfessor Wang Chengrong taught the title as "the enterprise culture theory and Practice innovation" project. Secretary of the Party committee, group deputy general manager Guan Weizhong presided over the training class, group vice president Jin Chengfa, Shen Guoqiang attended the.

    Professor Wang Chengrong from the theory of corporate culture, corporate culture new understanding of mainstream development trend, the corporate culture of innovation and practice three aspects to the enterprise cultureconnotation, development and construction of a vivid profound elaboration,explanation. Professor Wang load one's pages with references, sparkling discourse, copiously quote authoritative works, explain profound theories in simple language teaching won favorable comments from the participants.

    Party secretary, deputy general manager Guan Weizhong in his concluding remarks, pointed out that, through this training, our basic theory, to the building of enterprise culture connotation and the main content of more in-depth understanding of, had the further understanding and grasp of the need to pay attention to the enterprise culture construction process problems. He stressed,we should fully understand the importance to carry out the building of enterprise culture and the urgency of promoting the building of enterprise culture, enhance the sense of responsibility and mission, also asked the trainees to the training of harvest flexibly to future work and practice, and promote the construction of enterprise culture, and strive to build the enterprise brand culture characteristic.

    After the training, the participants have said that this is a very rare opportunity to learn, broaden the vision, develop the idea, all the work for better into theenterprise culture construction in the future, additional valuable wealth of knowledge.

    The training lasted for one day. All the staff of the Department of Corporation, thecompany chairman, in the fertilizer management team members and the comprehensive department (Office), the main person in charge of human resource department, general manager of foreign companies and comprehensive department (Office) is mainly responsible for a total of 100 people participated in the training class.

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