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Anhui tourism group to participate in the occupation health topics for business training

2014-04-01 09:55:32Author:

    In response to the grim situation of national occupation health status, improve thelevel of workplace occupation health supervision and law enforcement inspection,the Provincial Safety Production Supervision Administration Bureau on August 21st -22 at the new Century Towers held occupation health training class. This training course is mainly for the provincial work safety supervision system, the branch company in Anhui of enterprises under the central government andprovincial enterprises, Anhui province tourism group sent to the relevantpersonnel participated in the training class.

   Deputy director of the Provincial Work Safety Supervision Bureau Zhu Zhilin delivered an important speech at the opening ceremony, held on the purpose and significance of this training class for explain profound theories in simple language description, and puts forward the specific learning requirements of the trainees. Groom the class invited Occupation Health Department of the StateAdministration of work safety Zhang Hongyuan, director of General Office of the provincial work safety bureau, Zhang Ling, Cui Dazhao provincial disease prevention and control center director Dr. Chen Baochun, the new party, the Ma'anshan disease prevention and control expert center director Cao Duozhioccupation hygiene, to the national occupation health situation, occupationhealth work development history, occupation disease harm detection methodsand the methods of  evaluation factors, occupation hazard identification and analysis, workplace occupation hazards reporting software system has done in-depth explanation.

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