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National AAAAA level scenic spots,Chinese Shuikou garden the first village

  Tangmo was first built in Tang Dynasty, blossoming in the Song and Yuan Dynasties, and became prosperous in the Ming and Qing Dynasties. As an ancient village tourist attraction featuring water gap garden, Huizhou architecture and rural landscape, Tangmo always enjoy the fame as being “artistic landscapes and the long corridor of Huizhou-style architectures”. It renowned reputation is illustrated by the bloom of ancient trees from the Tang Dynasty, the grace of streams flowing through the village, the beauty of water gap garden, the delicacy of tablets calligraphy, the attraction of bridges variety and the glory of the sibling scholars simultaneously served in the ancient Imperial Academy. The innovation of Tangmo people in the location, construction, perfection of living space, and the village’s planning as well as its layout has been the model for Southern Anhui villages. Tangmo’s water gap garden is also the outstanding representative of those of Southern Anhui villages, manifesting the philosophy of “unity of heaven and man” and “harmonious coexistence of human and nature”, thus is called “the first water gap garden villages in China”.

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